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Chakra Norfolk - The chakras are areas of metaphysical or biophysical energy inside the body system, this is based on the Hindu tradition. 7 essential chakras are in the body, but many believe that there are also minor chakras positioned in the body system. Some modern day believers have drawn parallels between the key organs of the endocrine system and the chakra system.

The seven major chakras are delineated by a collection of lotus flowers climbing up the spine to the crown of the head. Every chakra has an associated colour, component and source of energy and every lotus has a selected amount of petals. As the chakras proceed from the bottom to the highest, they govern more and more spiritual functions. As an individual gets extra spiritually conscious, they become in contact with the upper chakras one by one. The lowest chakra connects with essentially the most fundamental physical issues, whilst the highest represents enlightenment.

The Root Chakra is claimed to be positioned at the foot of the spine. It's thought to symbolize basic instincts, survival and feelings of safety. The root chakra is associated with the component of earth and the colour red. It is regarded as a four petal lotus.

The Sacral Chakra is said to reside inside the pelvis or the groin. It's related to feelings, sexual energy and creativity. This chakra is associated with the element water and the colour orange and is symbolized by a 6 petal lotus flower.

In the area where the thorax and the abdomen meet is positioned the Solar Plexus chakra. It governs digestion, mental function and energy. The solar plexus chakra colour is yellow and its' component is fire. It's symbolized by a 10 petal lotus.

The Heart Chakra is alleged to control concern and affection and is associated with the chest region incorporating the lungs. The heart chakra is said to the colour green and the component of air. Its lotus has 12 petals.

communication, Self-expression, growth are all connected to the Throat Chakra. It is typified by a 16 petal lotus and it is related to the element of sound or existence and the colour blue.

Another name for the Brow Chakra is the third eye. It controls perception and instinct and it symbolized by a 2 petal lotus. Its colour is indigo and it's linked to the component of light or time.

The Crown Chakra is thought to be the link to the divine or to symbolize the head of religious consciousness. Represented as a violet or white lotus having a thousand petals, its related component is space or inspiration.

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Norfolk County is located on the north shore of Lake Erie in Southwestern Ontario's tobacco belt. Simcoe City serves as Norfolk County's county seat. Though referred to as a county, Norfolk is officially a rural city-status single-tier municipality. The last Census showed the municipality had a population of 62,563.

The area around Norfolk is surrounded by a lot of smaller communities which take advantage of some of the best agricultural land within Ontario. Because of the mild climate and long growing season, tobacco could grow well in the city of Norfolk. Because tobacco consumption declines and once-profitable tobacco operations slowly move to a more diversified approach, area farmers are starting to grow lavender, ginseng, hazelnuts and wolfberries. Norfolk County is gradually developing a small winery business and an agri-tourism industry. Greenhouse businesses are strong in Norfolk. There are numerous farmers who sell their products from the farmgate.

The area of Norfolk County has a large tourism industry due to its location close to Lake Erie, along Ontario's south coast. Norfolk county port towns, like Turkey Point, Port Dover, and Long Point, draw visitors interested in fishing, hiking, camping, birdwatching and cycling.

Norfolk is home to the Waterford Pumpkin Festival and the Norfolk County Fair & Horse Show, both held every month of October. PD13 is the Port Dover motorcycle enthusiasts' event held every year on the 13th of Friday.   More