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Chi Norfolk - According to Asian practice, chi is the life force which permeates the entire world. Chi is thought to be in all living things and is even found in areas such as gardens and homes. While chi cannot be physically measured and quantified, and is more regarded as a metaphysical concept, the belief in it is widespread. Various Asian disciplines like Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, different martial arts and Feng Shui, a Chinese art that balances stuff within their surroundings, focus greatly on the belief of chi.

In the English language, chi can be spelled in various ways, such as xi and qi and is pronounced "chee." Chi really translates to "breath" and "air," that are very important to life. Similar to air, chi is an energy form that wanes and waxes in the body depending on overall health. Chi flows in an area depending on how it is arranged.

In the yogic tradition, the concept of prana is another type of vital energy that runs through all things. When it is in a right, balanced condition, the energy flows smoothly throughout the area that it inhabits and rather than fighting against the area, it supports it. Balancing this energy is an essential part of living a healthy and calm existence for many people in Asian countries. Various Western nations have implemented the concept of energetic balance also.

A chi imbalance can result in bad health or result in discomfort in an environment. When the chi is blocked or unbalanced, many practices based in Traditional Chinese Medicine like for instance acupressure and acupuncture could be utilized so as to correct the imbalance. The flow of chi is unblocked all through the meridians of the body. A TCM practitioner checks in with the individual's entire body to be able to assess overall health and next could make corrective recommendations if considered necessary.

In Feng Shui, the concepts surrounding spaces within surroundings focus on the chi in the area and how moving and organizing items could make the surroundings more harmonious. Chi that is imbalanced in this particular culture is thought to bring poor health and bad fortune. There are various rules surrounding how stuff ought to be arranged, from graveyards to bedrooms. There are Feng Shui experts who could be brought into homes and workplaces in order to give advice, in view of the fact that the rules which govern arrangements could be somewhat complicated. These professionals are similar to interior designers in the West, though their insight and discipline goes much farther than pure aesthetic consultation.

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Norfolk County is located on the north shore of Lake Erie in Southwestern Ontario's tobacco belt. Simcoe City serves as Norfolk County's county seat. Though referred to as a county, Norfolk is officially a rural city-status single-tier municipality. The last Census showed the municipality had a population of 62,563.

The area around Norfolk is surrounded by a lot of smaller communities which take advantage of some of the best agricultural land within Ontario. Because of the mild climate and long growing season, tobacco could grow well in the city of Norfolk. Because tobacco consumption declines and once-profitable tobacco operations slowly move to a more diversified approach, area farmers are starting to grow lavender, ginseng, hazelnuts and wolfberries. Norfolk County is gradually developing a small winery business and an agri-tourism industry. Greenhouse businesses are strong in Norfolk. There are numerous farmers who sell their products from the farmgate.

The area of Norfolk County has a large tourism industry due to its location close to Lake Erie, along Ontario's south coast. Norfolk county port towns, like Turkey Point, Port Dover, and Long Point, draw visitors interested in fishing, hiking, camping, birdwatching and cycling.

Norfolk is home to the Waterford Pumpkin Festival and the Norfolk County Fair & Horse Show, both held every month of October. PD13 is the Port Dover motorcycle enthusiasts' event held every year on the 13th of Friday.   More