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Liver Specialist Norfolk - The liver is a body organ that is required in order to do many functions in the body, including protein synthesis, detoxification, and the production of biochemicals which are vital for digestion. The liver is necessary for the survival of the body. Liver dialysis can be used temporarily but there is no way to function without a liver for long term.

The liver plays a major role in glycogen storage, plasma protein synthesis, red blood cells decomposition, hormone production and detoxification. It is located in the abdominal-pelvic area of the tummy, below the diaphragm. The liver is responsible for producing bile. This is an alkaline compound that emulsifies lipids to aid in digestion. The tissues which make the liver are highly specialized. They regulate a large amount of high volume biochemical reactions, including the synthesis and breakdown of complex and small molecules.


The liver is an incredible organ in the way that it is the only internal human organ that is capable of natural regeneration. It only takes as little as 25% of a liver to regenerate into a whole liver. This is considered to be compensatory growth as opposed to true regeneration. Hence, the liver's lobes that are removed do not re-grow, and the liver growth is a restoration of function and not original form. In true regeneration, both the original function and form are restored.

Diseases of the Liver

The liver in fact, supports nearly every organ within the body and is essential for survival. However, the liver is prone to many illnesses due to its location in the body and its multidimensional functions which it carries out. Some of the most common liver diseases comprise: alcohol damage, cirrhosis, hepatitis A, B, C, and E, fatty liver, cancer and tumors and damage as a result of heavy use of drugs, specially cancer drugs and acetaminophen, also called paracetamol.

A lot of sicknesses of the liver are accompanied by jaundice because the increased bilirubin levels in the body will usually result from the breaking up of the haemoglobin of dead red blood cells. Normally, the liver removes bilirubin from the blood and emits it through bile. Sicknesses that affect liver function would lead to derangement of these processes. Fortunately, the liver has a huge reserve capability and likewise a large ability to regenerate. Often, the liver just shows symptoms after extensive damage has happened.

Disease Symptoms

Classic liver damage symptoms consist of: dark urine when bilirubin mixes together with the urine, pale stools take place when the brown pigment stercobilin is absent from the stool. This pigment is derived from bilirubin metabolites that are made within the liver. Jaundice is the yellow tinge on the skin or the white of the eyes that occurs where bilirubin deposits on the skin. This leads to an intense itching sensation which is the most common complaint by people suffering liver failure.

When there is a loss of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, excessive fatigue can take place. When the liver fails to produce albumin, swelling may happen in the abdomen, ankles and feet. Easy bleeding and bruising are other symptoms. Substances that help to prevent bleeding are produced within the liver, thus, when liver damage is present, severe bleeding can result as these substances are no longer available.

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