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Norfolk Health Clinics - Osteoarthritis or OA is also known as degenerative joint disease or degenerative arthritis. It consists of a group of mechanical abnormalities involving the degradation of joints comprising articular cartilage and sub-chondral bone. Signs of OA can normally comprise: stiffness, locking, tenderness, joint pain and sometimes an effusion.

There are several causes of Osteoarthritis, including the numerous mechanical, metabolic, developmental and hereditary reasons which may trigger the initiate processes responsible to loss of cartilage. Bone can become exposed or damaged when bone surfaces become less well protected by cartilage. This can result in decreased movement and much pain, regional muscles can atrophy and ligaments may become more lax.

There are various treatments obtainable that combine a combination of exercise, lifestyle modification and analgesics. Joint replacement surgery can be an alternative for individuals who find unbearable pain. OA is the most common type of arthritis. It affects around 27 million people within the USA and about 8 million within the UK. Presently, it is the leading reason for chronic disability of the United States as well.

Signs and Symptoms

With Osteoarthritis, the main sign is pain which might lead to loss of ability and extreme pain. The pain is usually described as a sensation of burning or by sharp aches in the tendons and muscles. Crepitus is the term for a crackling noise when the affected joint is moved or touched. Patients may likewise experience muscle spasm and contractions in the tendons. Sometimes, the joints can also be filled with fluid. Cold weather conditions and humidity increases the pain in numerous people. Bouchard's nodes and Heberden's nodes can also form in this sickness.

The most commonly affected areas of this condition is the hips, hands, spine, feet, and knees. The affected joints would become more painful, stiff, and appear bigger when Osteoarthritis progresses. The affected joints could feel worse with excessive or prolonged use, yet usually feel better with gentle use. These characteristics differentiate OA from rheumatoid arthritis.

The condition known as Herberden's nodes, manifest as bony enlargements which happen in the smaller joints as in the fingers. Bouchard's nodes can likewise occur on the proximal interphalangeal joints. Although these nodes can considerably limit the movement of the fingers, they are not necessarily painful. When Osteoarthritis forms within the toes, the formation of bunions can take place, rendering them red and swollen.

Joint effusion, which is an accumulation of excess fluid in or around the knee joint, known most typically as "water on the knee;" is most commonly caused by osteoarthritis.

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Norfolk County is located on the north shore of Lake Erie in Southwestern Ontario's tobacco belt. Simcoe City serves as Norfolk County's county seat. Though referred to as a county, Norfolk is officially a rural city-status single-tier municipality. The last Census showed the municipality had a population of 62,563.

The area around Norfolk is surrounded by a lot of smaller communities which take advantage of some of the best agricultural land within Ontario. Because of the mild climate and long growing season, tobacco could grow well in the city of Norfolk. Because tobacco consumption declines and once-profitable tobacco operations slowly move to a more diversified approach, area farmers are starting to grow lavender, ginseng, hazelnuts and wolfberries. Norfolk County is gradually developing a small winery business and an agri-tourism industry. Greenhouse businesses are strong in Norfolk. There are numerous farmers who sell their products from the farmgate.

The area of Norfolk County has a large tourism industry due to its location close to Lake Erie, along Ontario's south coast. Norfolk county port towns, like Turkey Point, Port Dover, and Long Point, draw visitors interested in fishing, hiking, camping, birdwatching and cycling.

Norfolk is home to the Waterford Pumpkin Festival and the Norfolk County Fair & Horse Show, both held every month of October. PD13 is the Port Dover motorcycle enthusiasts' event held every year on the 13th of Friday.   More